High Quality Weight Gainer Shake

SportPharma GAIN Max is a high quality, effective weight gainer unlike any other. At its core are two unique macronutrient matrices, engineered in the ideal 2:1 ratio of protein to carbs. The specialized protein blend, the Quad Protein Blend, is comprehensive and consists of four proven protein sources: whey hydrolysate (WPH), whey protein concentrate (WPC), casein, and egg. The Quad Protein Blend can deliver both a “fast” and “slow” release of amino acids when your muscles need them most. This matrix is coupled with a special Quad Carb Blend comprised of highly functional complex carbohydrates, ranging from cutting-edge trehalose and waxy maize starch (WMS) to d-glucose and maltodextrin. Together, GAIN Max’s potent formula will deliver quality calories for quality lean mass gains. When you’re looking to bulk and add on quality lean mass, look no further than SportPharma GAIN Max.

• Fast and Sustained Released Proteins
• Ideal 2:1 Ration of Carbs to Protein
• Rich in Essential Amino Acids

11050 3.8 lb Creamy Vanilla
11051 3.8 lb Creamy Chocolate
11052 3.8 lb Strawberry Shake
11053 6 lb Creamy Vanilla
11054 6 lb Creamy Chocolate
11055 6 lb Strawberry Shake

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